May 18, 2023•Compassionate Productivity

1: How Simplicity Boosts Productivity

127 days. That's my longest daily writing streak.

It didn't happen because my mind was overflowing with ideas, nor was it because I was inspired and highly motivated. It wasn't because I was committed to my craft (after hitting "publish" on my 127th post, I've actually gone MIA for months).

The biggest factor is simplicity.

All I had to do then was open Scribbble*, start writing, and publish.

No fancy formatting, no elaborate designs. Just me, my thoughts, and my words on the screen. By reducing the amount of things I could overthink (and believe me, I could overthink the tiniest details), I've simplified a system that's conducive to care-free and consistent writing.

The funny thing is, I've only realized this after trying to build a blog elsewhere and ending up with 0 new posts in the past couple of months.

💭 How can you reduce the friction in your system to boost your productivity?

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