February 2, 2023Healthy Habits

#103: Get Negativity Out of Your System

There are healthier ways of getting negativity out of your system other than complaining.

Some of the things I've been trying lately are:

1. Physical exercise. Yep, literally sweat it out! It helps!

2. Journaling. Before blabbing and yapping to another person, write your thoughts down on paper. You'll feel so much better.

3. Writing a letter to oneself or to someone else (but don't send it). Are there things you wish you have said to yourself or others? Before typing your message in rage and throwing a fit, write it as a letter—but don't hit send.

4. Art. Write a song (or sing a relatable one), dance, bake a cake, or crochet. Create something beautiful out of the big ball of emotions you're feeling.

5. Spirituality. Do you believe in God? I do, and reading and meditating on Scriptures help in my healing journey. It's reassuring to know that despite what I am feeling in a particular moment, there's a God who cares about me and is already working all things together for my good.

P.S. Getting enough sleep and steering away from junk food and alcoholic drinks sound basic but they're crucial to feeling better.

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