February 7, 2023ā€¢Compassionate Productivity

#108: The Productivity App I've Always Dreamed Of

Do you get excited about new apps?

I do (we'll easily be friends if you do too šŸ˜‰). The last time I geeked out here was when I got my invite to try the note-taking app Tana.

And today, I've finally found my ideal productivity app: Routine. It's an app that helps busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and CEO manage their time and tasks in one place.

For years, I've struggled with the gap between my time management system (I mostly used Google Calendar with Cron) and task management system (here are some of the task management apps I've tried). And Routine solves that.

I'm planning to share a video walkthrough of how this app can change my workflow for the better. If that's something you'll be interested in, sign up for my newsletter and be notified when the video goes live!

For now, I'll go ahead and geek out. šŸ¤“

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