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#109: Why Creators Need Communities

This automated email from Medium made me smile the other day:

This kind comment warmed my heart and reminded me why creators thrive more when they belong and engage in communities. When we're part of a tribe, we get to hear feedback (in the form of comments and messages) that helps us improve and hone our craft. We get to see which topics and ideas resonate well with our target audience—and we get to refine who that even is.

It's been a while since I published on Medium because I wanted to make writing a habit and Scribbble made that easy for me. But now I'm considering becoming more active on Medium again (or on some other social platform) where people can interact with my work and I can gain valuable insights (and friends) along the way.

It can be comforting to create in isolation (writing on Scribbble is kind of like writing alone in a cozy cabin). But if we want to challenge ourselves to grow into better writers, writing within a community is the best path.

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