February 13, 2023Creative Living

#114: Building My Content Plan In Public

What are you building in public?

In the past couple of months, I've had the privilege to help coaches and course creators craft their content plan. Fun stuff! 🤓

Yet there I was, postponing the task "Create my Content OS" on my todo list for the nth time.

But not anymore.

Here's a summary of my content plan for the coming weeks:

Target audience: Multi-passionate young adults. I will write specifically for my 2-5 years younger self (just so I won't feel intimidated or unqualified to give my thoughts and tips on certain topics). As Bryan Hutchinson tweeted, "You're an expert to the person you were a week ago."


  • Double my newsletter list by giving value (for free) on my chosen social platforms
  • Test which type of content and topics resonate most with my current audience

Content Buckets: Creative living, compassionate productivity, and lifelong learning

Content Mix:

Note: Still contemplating going back to Medium. Plus, I'm torn between Twitter and Instagram—will update this once I figure it out!

• • •

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