November 10, 2022Creative Living

#18: Thirteen Reasons to Practice Daily Writing

There's a cloud hanging over me, so today's post will be short and sweet. Here are 13 reasons to write every day.

1. Writing can help you untangle your thoughts and clarify your thinking.

2. It improves your communication skills.

3. It helps release stress.

4. It ensures you understand what you're talking about.

5. It shows you what you don't understand about what you're talking about.

6. You get better over time.

7. It's fun.

8. You learn something new every day.

9. You develop self-discipline and critical thinking skills.

10. You get to look back at past entries and celebrate not only the improvement of your writing skills but also the growth of your character.

11. It teaches you to be patient with yourself and your progress.

12. You slowly learn to overcome perfectionism and just ship.

13. You get to express yourself and attract like-minded people.

• • •

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