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#19: From Dreaming of Making Music to Working in Marketing

When I was 8, I wrote a silly song about our mineral water bottle.

I don't remember the exact words, but I recall my mom and grandmother laughing when I let them hear the chorus. 😂

In my teenage years, I dreamt about singing in stadiums and going on world tours.

And while that plan didn't pan out, I realized that what draws me most to music is lyrics (must be why I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift's artistry) too.

I love how, with words, we can tell enchanting stories, share encouraging statements, and influence someone's life.

This penchant for writing translated to my first job in marketing: Copywriting.

In essence, copywriting is about finding the right words to say to the right audience so they take the right action.

When writing copy, you have to know your target audience, have a clear brand strategy to align your content with, and loads of love for learning (I always had to read up on different industries back then—from fashion and skincare to medical equipment and construction firms).

Plus, you have to understand the building blocks of human behavior—what makes people tick, the customer journey they take, and all the other factors that affect their buying decisions.

So it's inevitable to be a copywriter and not want to master strategy!

After a couple of years writing copy for brands across different industries, I've started in my new role as a marketing strategist. It makes total sense, because as Mark Pollard says, "Strategy is your words."

My Learning Goals for the Future

Because the agency where I work values learning, they supported and sponsored me for a certification course on Strategy and Planning from the Digital Marketing Institute (I'm down to the last couple of modules and will be taking an exam next week, so wish me luck!)

I'm also experimenting with email marketing, hoping to specialize in it someday.

One of my little experiments is my personal newsletter, Process. It's created for young adults (and the young at heart) whose core values include creativity and lifelong learning. Sounds like you? Would love to send you a warm welcome when you sign up today. 😉

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