November 15, 2022Marketing

#23: How to Choose Your Content Buckets

Content bucket, content pillar, content category—whatever you call it, let's establish that knowing what to focus on will make content creation (and your life, really) way easier.

By identifying your content buckets, you won't waste your audience's time (and yours) with random posts. Instead, you can be intentional.

You can create relevant content that attracts your target audience, asserts your expertise in the industry, and ultimately, converts social media followers into customers.

So how do you exactly pick a focus?

Based on the data you gathered during Research, choose 3 core content buckets.

These will be the overarching categories of your content, so make sure these are the main topics that you want your brand to be known for and that your target audience finds interesting.

Content Bucket 1
This is the general category that is relevant to your brand and appeals to a wider segment of your target audience.

Content Bucket 2
Choose a niche within your general category.

Content Bucket 3
Identify your target audience's industry.

Let's say your company sells personal knowledge management courses to health and wellness content creators. Here are the content buckets you could have:

    • General Category: Personal Knowledge Management
    • Niche: Building a digital garden on Obsidian, Logseq, Roam, and Tana
    • Industry: Health and wellness

Reference: Ship 30 for 30

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