September 29, 2021

3 Task Management Apps to Help You Get Things Done (Without Stressing Over Your To-Do)

If your task list is getting 10x overwhelming or your hands are sore from writing your unfinished to-dos over and over on your planner every morning, here are 3 task management apps that can help you make time for all that you want to do.

Microsoft To Do

Pro: It has a minimalist look that gives you that #zen feeling despite a long list of to do. I also loved how easy it is to set up your own GTD system within the app.

Con: The syncing of tasks between two devices can be a bit glitchy. But give it a chance — maybe their recent updates have fixed this issue.

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Reminders (Apple)

Pro: Can I just say, Reminders had a major glow-up! Its new look and structure make a great home for your GTD system. Plus, it seamlessly works with iCalendar. And it’s easy to turn your emails into tasks — no need for complicated automation.

Con: The reason I stopped using it is that I can’t update the app on my iPhone and sync it with the desktop version. But if you have the latest iOS, you’re set!

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Pro: With Todoist, you barely have to sweat building your GTD because it seems like it’s structured for this technique! They even have their own GTD Todoist Setup Guide up for grabs on their site, along with a library of actionable tips on productivity, time management, and more.

Con: The possibilities within the app distract me from taking action and getting things done. But give it a shot. Maybe the problem is me, not Todoist.

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What’s your favorite to-do tool?

Are you a die-hard #BuJo fan? Or do you love other apps like Things 3 and TeuxDeux? Share it in the comments!

Full disclosure: This post isn’t sponsored by any of these tools. I tried each of them—and I wanted to share what I loved about ‘em. :)

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