November 29, 2022ā€¢Marketing

#37: One Marketing Tip to Steal From SaaS Companies

Is it just me or SaaS companies are ironically better at human-to-human marketing than businesses in other industries?

To date, I've joined four Slack channels dedicated to four different app communities: Later, Tana, Lazy, and Scribbble.

Usually, after the app onboarding (or at least signing up for the waiting list), community managers or the founders themselves invite you to join their private communities where you can get quick support when you encounter a bug, suggest features, give feedback, share your expertise, and connect with other users. Plus, you get early access to exclusive events and new features! Talk about feeling like a VIP. šŸ˜Ž

Just imagine how much this effort cultivates belongingness which eventually translates to brand loyalty and advocacy!

Communities are powerful. Build one for your business, regularly engage with your customers, and see what happens.

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