38: Let Your Productivity System Evolve As You Grow

Let it go.

Whatever it is that you've been trying for so long but has clearly not been working for you—let it go.

For me, it was the idea that there would be one super app to bring me all the features I want. Spoiler alert: It doesn't exist.

My productivity has changed over time and I used to beat myself up over it. "Why can't I just stick to this system? Why do I always succumb to the shiny object syndrome?"

On the other hand, if we don't change anything to improve what's not working, how will we ever grow?

If your productivity setup has gotten too complicated, maybe it's time to declutter. 🧹✨

I love this article from Elizabeth Butler where she talks about the "Lazy Genius" approach to transform one's note-taking system, particularly its key principle "decide once."

Basically, it means to identify areas where we’re constantly using up brain power reinventing the wheel, deciding over and over again– then choose to simply decide once and stick with it — Elizabeth Butler

How I implement the “decide once” principle in my note taking system

Where I save text-based ideas: @tana_inc

Where I save links: Trying out @omnivoreapp

Where I save tasks and events: @routinehq

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