June 26, 2023Personal Growth

40: What Does A "Good Day" Look Like For You?

For me, it's having the first hours of the morning to myself—spending them on mindfulness, hygiene (plus I delight in my skincare routine), and cleaning my space.

Then it's tackling my most important tasks with a cup of steaming hot coffee as my cheerleader, taking breaks in between by walking my dog, and having conversations (IRL and online) with loved ones.

After a hearty lunch and a 20-minute nap, I continue working until the afternoon, sprinkled with minutes of reading, walking, and snacking.

I close the workday with admin tasks, and spend some more time alone as preparation for social activities in the evening (usually enjoying something simple yet sumptuous for dinner).

Before bed, I take a warm bath, I pour out words haphazardly on this daily blog I hope no one actually reads, and pray till I fall asleep—thanking God for another day He has graced me with.

• • •

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