December 9, 2022Lifelong Learning

#47: The Most Powerful Story You'll Ever Hear

When we recount the negative things that have ever happened to us more than we remember all that we can be grateful for, we risk being cynical and walking around thinking the universe hates us (and thus, owes us good things).

When we believe we're strong enough to face life's challenges, we're more determined to figure our way out than to wallow in pity parties.

When we belittle ourselves too much instead of becoming our own champions, we perform poorly.

When we remember that the world doesn't revolve around us, we tend to care more about others and look beyond our own needs.

The most powerful story we'll ever hear—the one that could change the way we behave, influence our relationships, and make (or break) our quality of life—is the one we tell ourselves.

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