December 12, 2022Marketing

#50: Agencies, Don't Just Fake It Till You Make It

Don't know how to do something? Not sure how to get the results your client wishes for?

While most marketing and business gurus will tell you to "fake it till you make it," there are other (and more) sensible ways to deliver a project that you and your team don't have the skills or expertise for yet.

Here are four ways to augment skills gaps in your digital marketing agency (or any business, actually) and get paid for your services without shortchanging your clients.

1. Invest in learning opportunities to develop your current staff's skillsets. They grow, you grow.

2. Have the budget? Hire new people who know what they're doing and let your employees play to their strengths.

3. When in a rush and don't have time to recruit new staff, having a list of third-party service providers who specialize in whatever it is that you need can be handy.

4. Consider working with an agency who can take other tasks off your plate and deliver excellent projects, freeing up your time while saving you the cost of building a bigger in-house department.

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