December 15, 2022Marketing

#53: Should You Repurpose Your Content?

“The business world has created a Content Marketing Industrial Complex (and doesn’t even know it).

A content marketing department supply chain looks like this:
• You come up with an idea for a piece of content
• You write the content
• You edit the content
• You manage the writing and editing of the content
• You post the content
• You ask other people to post the content
• You pay to boost/promote the content
• You pay other people to post, share, and backlink to the content
• You manage the posting, and the sharing, and the backlinking of the content
• And then you count up how many views, Likes, comments, shares, backlinks, and (maybe) sales the content accumulated.

Only 1 of those steps is about the quality of the content (your differentiated POV).

The other 9 steps are about the amplification of the content (which means, if you don’t have a differentiated POV to begin with, what are the other 9 steps even in service of? More for more’s sake?).

—Category Pirates, Snow Leopard

Content repurposing is powerful. It allows you to scale your content, reach new audiences, and save time and resources.

But it will only work if the content pillar from which you'll pull the rest of the content pieces is founded on fresh ideas, produced from deep and differentiated thinking, or at least written with inspiration.

Otherwise you're just opening a big bag of stinky garbage and cluttering the streets of social media with pieces of trash.

Harsh, but true.

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