December 16, 2022Marketing

#54: Four Data Sources You Need When Planning Your Digital Strategy

Not sure how to start crafting a digital strategy for your business?

Data gathering is the first small yet crucial step you can take. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, there are 4 main sources of data that you can use to inform your digital strategy:

1. Look into the past performance of your strategies and learn about what worked (and what didn't). Observe and identify patterns.

2. Which of your current digital activities are bringing in leads and sales? Follow the signals. Replicate high-performing tactics and ditch unproductive pursuits.

3. Don't be too absorbed in your own world. Tune into your audience, competitors, and industry through social listening. You might just uncover valuable insights that you wouldn't find by merely reading books or studying strategy on your own.

4. Stay updated about industry trends and recent research findings in your niche to ensure your strategies are relevant, timely, and attuned to the current climate of the market.

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