October 17, 2021

7 Things That Get Me Out of A Creative Funk

It’s like magic.

After a day of cleaning our home with the whole family, I felt refreshed and excited to write. The peppermint scent, the warm yellow light from my desk lamp, the chewy oatmeal cookies my aunt baked. No wonder the muse came to visit today!

Relishing the cozy ambience of my weekend, I thought of creating a fun list of the things that spark delight and inspiration in me.

  1. A spruced-up space
    There’s just something about a clean and organized desk that motivates me to get to work, you know?
  2. Warm cup of coffee or tea (especially chamomile!)
    My brain takes warm beverages as the signal to starting a productive day.
  3. Singing or playing the guitar, uke, or piano
    Music has always been close to my heart and it’s a sure way to loosen me up when I’m tensed or pressured to create.
  4. Good books and movies
    I love immersing myself in other people’s masterpieces because I know there’s always something to learn as I enjoy the experience.
  5. Conversations
    Stories told by family and friends in their unique perspective refill my tank of creative juices because as I listen, I also try to imagine how it’s like to be in their shoes.
  6. Arts and crafts
    Back in high school, I was always frustrated during our drafting classes because even with a ruler I can NEVER draw a straight line. But now without the fear of flunking, I enjoy drawing and doing calligraphy. Crocheting coasters pump me up, too.
  7. Movement
    Dancing, jogging, and pilates add creative energy to my every day.

How about you? What’s on your list?

This is an #atomicessay originally published in July for #ship30for30.

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