January 16, 2023Life

#86: When You Feel Lost...

Do the next right thing no matter how small that step seems to be.

That's one of the pieces of advice I keep close to my heart. It was given by a close friend from church, who knew me well and my tendency to overthink.

When I find myself curling into a big ball of chaotic emotions, I usually freeze and can barely function. My friend's advice stuck with me because it helped me deal with those kind of moments.

When I feel lost, when I'm not sure what to do, when I'm overcome by intense emotions, I just do the next right thing—may that be brushing my teeth in the morning, walking my dog, or eating lunch.

I take it step by step knowing that these tiny actions of resilience (and the courage to keep on keeping on even when every fiber of my being wants to hide under my cozy blanket) will eventually lead me to a better headspace and a better place.

When you feel lost, just do the next right thing.

• • •

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