January 17, 2023Compassionate Productivity

#87: More Is Not Always the Answer

"We see exactly the same mentality in marketing organizations.

More content for more lead generation, more funnels to catch more prospects with more content, more content for more lead nurture, and so on.

MORE CONTENT is the answer at every stage of the customer journey...

How did the solution to the problem “our content marketing results are not great” become MORE CONTENT!?" — Category Pirates, Snow Leopard

Most of us are obsessed with the idea that striving for and adding more lead to greater results—both in life and marketing. We are biased against subtraction.

We usually associate “adding” with improvement and progress, while we think of lack and incompetence at the mention of “subtraction.”

But doing more of what isn't working only leads to disappointment—and unnecessary exhaustion.

Instead of immediately jumping to the conclusion that you need do more, consider how you can approach the situation without complicating it or adding new factors to the mix. As counterintuitive as it may sound, figure out if there's anything you can do less of.

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