January 23, 2023Life

#93: External Solutions Won’t Work for Internal Issues

It's easy to think that money or status or relationships can fill the void in our hearts. But as Ryan Holiday writes in The Daily Stoic, "External things can't fix internal issues."

We can have millions of dollars in the bank and still feel unsatisfied, forever wanting more. We can gain fancy titles or be famous yet still feel unknown and yearn for belongingness. We can be with our family, partner, or friend and still feel alone and lonely.

Contentment is not gained after obtaining what we lack—but it's found in learning how to handle what we have with grace and gratitude.

External praises and acclaim won't bring us purpose and fulfillment—unless we use our influence for good, go beyond ourselves, and serve others.

And unless we cultivate a healthy relationship with ourselves and our Creator, we will struggle to build healthy connections and relationships with others.

We improve the things outside our control only by improving those within ours.

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