January 29, 2023Compassionate Productivity

#99: Guilty of Vegging Out?

Yesterday, I vegged out. Big time.

I spent most of my hours replaying How I Met Your Mother trying to numb myself from the rollercoaster of emotions I've been experiencing lately. I indulged in junk food, didn't read a book, and barely moved.

I didn't talk to anyone much—I shut everything and everyone out. I felt like nothing could ever make me feel better again. I slipped into apathy and then panic and then hopelessness all in one day.

I fell asleep crying and with a heavy heart.

But when morning came, I felt lighter. I prayed, I laughed with my grandmother over some silly stuff, I woke my dog Ringo up with a perky "Good morning!" greeting and walked him for 10 minutes.

I made my coffee, read the Bible and The Daily Stoic, journaled, opened my laptop and began writing this quick post.

Soon as I hit "Publish," I'll be taking a shower and preparing to go to church and serve in the worship ministry. Maybe I'll hang out with friends, read a book or meditate when I get home, or watch The Walking Dead with my family this evening.

The thing is, no matter the tragedy or triumph we experience in life, life does go on.

We can cry and sulk all we want, but even that isn't going to change things. At some point, we just have to get up and begin again.

Because while healing won't happen overnight or after a couple of weeks, it starts with the small steps we take.

So today, take that step. It gets easier, I promise. 😉

• • •

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