September 21, 2022

Behind Every Great Copy

You’ve got aesthetic shots of your new products but you’re stuck writing that caption. What would you do next? 🤔

David Ogilvy aka the Father of Advertising recounted how “he had spent three weeks researching his new client before starting on the copy, and that his headline had been inspired by the Technical Editor’s article in The Motor. ”

He’s talking about this ad, which drove sales up by 50% in 1958. 👇🏼

The takeaway? Behind every great copy is research. 🔎

“What do you mean research? I know my products by heart!”

⤴ Oops, did you say this line?

No judgment here, we’ve said it a thousand times too!

Until we realized that to write great copy, we have to uncover what’s behind the obvious.

If you can relate and you’re stressing over the right words to say, you can go on a quest for more info. 

🏁 You can use these 3 brain-pickers as your jumping-off point:

1. Who are your customers? What does their lifestyle look like? How can they incorporate your products in their day-to-day? What kind of language are they using when they talk about your brand?

2. Go beyond the product features and benefits on the manufacturer’s label. What problems can your product solve for your customers? How can your brand move them towards pleasure? Away from pain?

3. What are your rivals boasting about? What are they highlighting? And what are they NOT talking about that you can leverage for your product?

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