September 28, 2021

Create Despite the Crickets

If you ever…

  • Posted a video and got 10 views (3 from your best friend, 5 from your mother, and 2 from your Incognito browser)
  • Published a blog post that received no comments nor reactions
  • Produced a podcast show outshone by everyone else’s

Please continue to create meaningful content despite the disheartening silence from your audience.

I rarely receive thoughtful comments on my posts, and that used to discourage me too. But once in a while, I get private DMs and emails from random friends and strangers. And when they thank me for writing a particular post or crafting content online, it reminds me that online engagement isn’t always an accurate measure of offline impact.

Online engagement isn’t always an accurate measure of offline impact.

If your goal is revenue growth, here’s a quick confession and encouragement for you. I don’t always leave thoughtful comments even though I love or enjoy a post. Sometimes I feel awkward or don’t have the time to comment right there and then, so I leave without a trace.

But my silence doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what my favorite content creators do. Despite the lack of engagement in the heat of the moment, something more important happens. My mind begins to regard them as the go-to experts in their industry, and in the long run, their products or services become my first choice. Plus, I eventually become their brand evangelists.

This is a reminder for you to play the long game.

Your patience will take you places.

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