October 7, 2021

How to Land High-Ticket Social Media Clients

Dear tired social media marketers,

This morning, I watched a replay of Stephanie Gilbert’s free workshop on “How to stop hustling for clients with shoestring budgets & start attracting high ticket retainer clients with ease.” Her words, not mine (I don’t want to take credit because it sounds sooooo good).

She preached that…

  • You can do less while creating more impact.
  • To stand out in the saturated market of social media marketers, engage in high-level thinking and learn marketing fundamentals.
  • Don’t charge for time spent on tasks, but for skills, strategy, and the knowledge required to achieve a result.

She shared a simple formula with 3 key ingredients that can help you command higher prices.

  1. Credibility

You can earn this through:

2. Skills

You can express this through:

  • Growth strategies
  • Community building and customer relationship management
  • Campaign management

3. Proof

You can prove this through:

  • A proven signature framework/method
  • Social proof/testimonials
  • Case studies with relevant results


Your fellow tired but soon-to-be thriving social media marketer

Hats off to @StephJGilbert and her brainchild The Social Media CEO for these actionable tips to rocking the social media world.

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