October 2, 2021

How to Thrive As A Multi-Passionate Person and Not Burn Out

We want to give our everything to as many things as possible — and it’s holding us back from making real progress.

We like the rush of diving headfirst into every fascination. The fulfillment we feel when tinkering with fresh ideas, and the thrill of figuring things out the first time. But what if this way only leads to burnout?

Should we just pick one interest and bury all the others?

The key to thriving as a multi-passionate person is to pace yourself.

Just two weekends ago, out of boredom, I turned on the TV and watched a dance show. One of the judges gave a feedback that I can’t shake off my mind.

She said (non-verbatim), “In the first two minutes, you gave all your energy doing a lot of complicated forms. That was fun to watch! But halfway through the song, your performance fizzled out. You know why? You got tired. If you enter the next round, my only advice is to pace yourself.”

Mark Schaefer blogged for five years before he launched a podcast.

Marie Forleo didn’t start off with a regular blogging or newsletter schedule — she committed to producing her Tuesday show consistently first.

You don’t have to give up on your passions and interests. Pursue all that excites you and find out the best direction for you.

Just remember to pace yourself.

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