December 18, 2021

The Underrated Social Media Tactic for Slow but Steady Growth

I’ve been doing social media all wrong.

After listening to playlists of social media marketing experts’ podcasts, filling my schedule with workshops and webinars, and reading stacks of books and blogs, I found the #1 reason why my social media accounts aren’t taking off:

I post and ghost.

Guilty of it too?

Posting and ghosting means spending time and energy crafting captions, taking beautiful photos, designing posts, and hitting “Publish.” The end. Right after releasing our content out in the wild, we log out and pray our post is gonna blow up.

Behind this method is the mindset that says, “Hey, I worked hard for this. I deserve recognition for this even though I won’t take the time to talk to other people.

This must be why we often find our organic content cuddling with crickets. No conversations sparked, no more than a thousand people reached. Because no one likes hanging out with people who think they are entitled to our time, applaud, and attention. You must be a saint if you do.

One of my learning highlights from Ship 30 for 30 is the value of meaningful interactions.

I only had 21 Twitter followers when I first caught wind of the Ship30 community. Now I have 210 friends. Not spam bots nor fake followers but real people who are insightful, inspiring, and are pursuing their purpose while helping others do so.

That humble growth happened in only 6 weeks.

Imagine how much more we could grow if we continue to spark more valuable conversations with the genuine desire to connect with and learn from each other.

Originally published in July 2020 when I jumped aboard Ship30’s June cohort. I’ve expounded on this atomic essay here (this time in the context of Instagram growth). Thanks for reading!

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