September 24, 2021

What If You’re Already Successful?

“I’m tired of reading about the habits of highly successful people, unless it’s the shitty habits. More of those, please.”

That’s Laura Belgray’s tweet. Amused, I commented, “Haha I’d write you a list but I’m not sure I fall into your category of “successful” yet, Laura 😜 Someday!”

I was then about to crash after Ship 30 for 30’s Live Session (it was after midnight from where I am) and ready to put my phone away when I received a notification. Laura replied to my tweet,

“If you identify as successful, then you are!”

That made me smile for two reasons:

  1. I love Laura Belgray. She’s one of the most authentic, creative, and funny writers I know (and they’re very few). The fact that she replied to my comment was enough for me to blush.
  2. More importantly, she reminded me that we don’t have to wait for someone else to validate our progress.

Influenced by the culture around me, I used to summarize success in four letters: M-O-R-E.

More money, more praises, more achievements.

But slowly, I’ve been learning what truly matters to me: peace, faith, and purpose.

It’s empowering to know that we define success in our own terms.

P.S. Founder of Talking Shrimp, Marie Forleo’s co-creator of The Copy Cure, and the writer of emails that still get read all the freaking time, tweeted me back. It’s Laura awesome Belgray — of course I’m gonna write about it! 😂

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