September 19, 2021

Why Do You Want This Piece of Writing to Live?

You’re staring at a blank page and its taunting cursor.

You have your outline ready and research notes handy. But you can’t work out the words — even after three cups of coffee at 6 AM.

Sounds all too familiar?

Nope, I wasn’t stalking you. I know because I’ve been there too. Countless times. But recently, I found a trick to get me going.

It’s intention.

In The Artful Edit (affiliate link), Susan Bell shares a self-editing guide. And the first one on the list is knowing where you’re going with your writing.

What do you want it to accomplish?

Do you want to share your story to encourage? Or do you wish to publish helpful ideas?

It has been easy for me to figure out why I wanted to start a newsletter or work as a writer. I guess it’s like that with the big things. But I struggle with the small steps because I get caught up in the moment and forget why I’m even in it.

So before you sit down and sink your teeth into writing, you can ask yourself: Why do I want this piece of writing to live?

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  • Image (Typewriter) by Tino via Ankara & Lattes.
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