February 9, 2022

Why Simplicity Might Be the Missing Piece in Your Landing Page

Simplicity is key. 🔑

Yet we skim over simple ideas because we expect more complex ways to drive more impressive results (Ahrens, 2017).

The more complicated the route we take (and the more time we spend working on it), the greater the results should be, right?

Well, this isn’t always the case, at least when it comes to designing high-converting landing pages.

As Brunson writes in Dotcom Secrets, “A confused mind always says no.”

So when we spend our time and resources creating a complex landing page with all the bells and whistles (pop-ups here, buttons there, animation everywhere), it may make us feel good about the end result: a pretty and shiny landing page. Until we see it converts poorly.

This is why Brunson swears by the simplicity of sales funnels.

A funnel works better because there’s a strategy involved. It’s structured in a way that will hold your customer’s hands and take them on a journey to finding what they want or need — all without the confusing clutter (Brunson, 2015).

Simple doesn’t mean easy, though — it’s hard. But it’s worth it.

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