October 7, 2022

Writers who are satisfied with 10 views per post will not be interested in this post

Go for intriguing and interesting when writing your headline, caption, and copy. ✍🏼

One way to do that is to speak with specificity. Like Bruce Barton did in his ads for Alexander Hamilton Institute.

He writes copy that commands attention in two ways:

1. He calls out his target audience

2. He intentionally excludes those who aren’t

Here are some lines from his ads. 👇🏼

“A warning to men who would like to be independent in the next five years”

“Men Who Know It All Are Not Invited to Read This Page”

“Men who are satisfied with $5,000 a year will not be interested in this announcement”

Review your running ads and see how you can apply this trick from this week’s #SwipeFileFriday. 😉

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