January 31, 2023Life

#101: Look Within

This morning, I went to a dermatology clinic to consult about my persisting acne and the scars it leaves.

The doctor asked me about my skincare routine, and I listed all the products I use—from cleansers, soaps, and serums to facial oils and moisturizers.

Then she said because my acne is hormone-induced, topical treatment won't be enough to get rid of it and stop breaking out. We have to treat it from the inside.

It reminded me how, most of the time, external solutions won’t work for internal issues. We have to dig deep and look within as well. One of the well-known verses in the Bible encourages us:

“So above all, guard the affections of your heart, for they affect all that you are. Pay attention to the welfare of your innermost being, for from there flows the wellspring of life. ” — Proverbs 4:23 TPT

If something in the external isn't working, don't forget to check in with your internal world.

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