November 13, 2022Compassionate Productivity

#21: The Consequences of Always Saying Yes (and No)

On days I feel like I'm on top of the world, I tend to say yes.

A lot.

I'd say yes to spontaneous dates, weekend getaways, virtual coffee, random plans, and even huge projects. I'd say yes to that book I've been eyeing or that shiny new thing that has been sitting in my online shopping cart for months. I'd say yes to friends and family who are asking for help or time or both.

I say yes because I feel unstoppable.

The result?

I get exhausted, I flake out, I break promises.

Now when I'm down there in the valley, I say no without flinching.

"No, I can't hang out."

"No, I can't make it."

"No, I'm not available."

But by protecting my time so much and hiding away till I feel "okay," I miss out on some great fun, as well as the chance to deeply connect with others and feel heard and seen in what I'm going through.

Say yes and no when you have to, but not too much of either.

• • •

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