November 16, 2022Compassionate Productivity

#24: Why Most Capture Systems Fail

More often than not, we accumulate little notes in various storages, eventually forgetting where we put them or getting overwhelmed by being all over the place.

Although we might've decided on a single place to serve as our inbox, we always divert to dropping quick notes and thoughts in the nearest and most available medium—our Notes app, a spare notebook, the whiteboard on the fridge, and even text messages to ourselves!

To add, we consume content on different platforms and use different clippers to save our highlights.

So we end up keeping fragments of information in different pockets and scribbling on different pages, rendering our capture system broken.

A universal clipper—a digital and more convenient commonplace book—could solve this. might be it.

Unless it doesn't have a functional offline mode.

• • •

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