November 17, 2022Marketing

#25: How Often Should You Post (And Does It Even Matter)?

I meet a lot of business owners who fuss over the when of content creation.

They ask, "How often should we post? What time of day would be best for engagement?"

Our role as marketers is to reduce their overwhelm and help them hone in on the essentials: value and consistency.

Pick a pace that makes sense for your goal, resources, and your audience. Then set a posting schedule and stick to it.

It's not the one who posts very often who wins—it's the person who regularly shows up and helps their target audience win.

Pro tip: While consulting industry benchmarks for the ideal publishing cadence can be helpful, it’s better to observe your own audience and how they interact with your content. Monitor your content performance based on the key results you've set, adjust accordingly to serve more of what they’re responding to, and stay on track. Much better if you can skip the guesswork—just ask your customers about their preference directly. 😉

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