November 18, 2022Compassionate Productivity

#26: Don't Be Late

In my first year into the working world, I got suspended for always coming in late.

Back in high school and university days, I'd leave the house past the ideal time and blame the traffic for not making it to the class on time.

This means I'd start the day trying to catch my breath, beating myself up for being late yet again, and failing to focus on the task at hand.

All of these had consequences. And one of the lessons I learned from them is to never underestimate that time it takes to prepare.

Plan and make decisions way before the exact moment that you have to (e.g. choose the clothes you'll wear the night before your big day instead of trying to pick what color would suit your coat 30 minutes before the appointment).

This applies to project management too.

If you do anything at the last minute that takes more than a minute, you’re not organizing your project properly.

The last minute is not a buffer zone, nor is it the moment to double-check your work.

The last minute is simply sixty seconds to enjoy and to remind yourself that you successfully planned ahead. —Seth Godin

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