October 10, 2022

3 Topics I Am Exploring In My Life Right Now

I’m a recovering personal development junkie.

Celes at Personal Excellence succinctly describes self-help junkies as “people who indulge in self-help without action.” That was me back in 2020. I’d binge motivational and how-to YouTube videos, read 2–3 personal growth books, and listen to podcast shows on how to “make it” in life. I would be pumped after every inspiring piece, lose motivation a day or two after, then search for answers again. It was a vicious cycle!

I consumed content in search for some sort of cure that would magically get my life together. Spoiler alert: I found none.

Soon enough, I lost my appetite for self-help content. Everyone seemed to be saying the same things that the self-help world finally lost its allure. So instead of reading yet another article on how to become my best self, I’ve started following my curiosity and chasing new interests.

Here are the topics I’ve been exploring lately:

  1. Creator economy
    I’m curious how creators succeed in making money while making an impact. The creator economy is a booming industry and an interesting one at that. A teenage YouTube creator can out-earn a marketing degree holder in their 30s, and a thriving business can go global in just a click.
  2. Marketing strategy
    As my new LinkedIn headline writes, I’m a “copywriter turned marketing strategist.” 
    My first adventures into the marketing world revolved around writing, naming brands, and crafting product stories. But as a marketing strategist, I have to zoom out and see the bigger picture: the customer journey, funnel strategies — the marketing fundamentals.
  3. Compassionate productivity
    My love for personal development and productivity is still alive. But lately, I’m most curious about how we can build a life (and business) we love without burning out.

What topics are you exploring right now?

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