February 3, 2022

3 Ways to Write Captions that Resonate with Your Ideal Customer

To speak your dream buyer’s language is easier said than done, but these actionable tips can help you nail your copywriting and convert more customers.

🔎 Read reviews

Pore through customer reviews (yours and your competitors’) and mine for golden insights.

What are your ideal customers struggling with? What features or benefits are they looking for? Pick the remarkable and relevant phrases and use them to inspire your copy.

Check out online feedback on related products (especially books!) and services in your industry too. Keep digging till you find something interesting.

💬 Get content ideas and inspo from forums

Think Quora, Reddit, Facebook Groups. Wherever your dream customers are hanging out, go there. Lean in. And listen to the conversations happening.

What are they asking? What are they curious about? How do brands in your industry fit into their life? What are their fears, doubts, or unpleasant experiences with services or products like yours?

Then, answer their questions through the content you create!

👂🏼 Listen to your customers

It might surprise you how willing your loyal customers are to help you with your messaging — and how valuable their inputs are!

By interviewing real customers, you can verify the assumptions you made about them.

Maybe you thought your dream customer is always on the hunt for huge discounts — only to find out they don’t mind shelling out more, as long as they get what they pay for. So instead of always promoting heavy discounts, you can focus on highlighting the benefits and features that make your offer look oh so valuable and irresistible.

📌 Bonus tip: Colloquialism isn’t a crime. Surely not on socials!

No matter what your brand voice or personality is, you can be conversational and still be classy. There’s a reason engineers and computer scientists create AI writers that sound like us humans (but that’s a story for another atomic essay).

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