November 25, 2022Marketing

#33: Do You Give Discounts?

How many Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales emails did you get so far?

I got an interesting one this morning. The company sells courses and agency SOPs for $997 and just for Black Friday, I can get their bundle at only $197. What a huge discount!

The other day, I watched a YouTube video ad from a clothing company, promising to give 85% off their usual prices as a way to celebrate the holiday season.

As a marketer (albeit an unseasoned one), I didn't see these promos as great deals. They didn't convince me to grab my credit card and buy ASAP.

Discounting for more than 75% only gave me the impression that the offers don't have that much value in the first place, which makes it easy for these business owners to sell cheaply.

But that's just the skeptic in me.

• • •

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