December 1, 2022Marketing

#39: On Spotify Wrapped and Data Privacy

So by now, you might've seen your Instagram and Facebook Stories peppered with their Spotify Wrapped 2022 posts.

(I posted mine too, sorry I'm not immune to the trend!)

And one of the things that made me laugh is this satirical video from Morning Brew, painting Spotify as a cute version of 1984's Big Brother, who knows a whole lot about us ("more than just songs," Morning Brew's caption writes).

It made me wonder how lightly we take how much Spotify knows about our listening habits, given how much we care about data privacy these days.

Is it because they packaged it so creatively that we won't have time to wonder about these things, that we're distracted with showing off our music taste and how "cultured" we are, and we're busy comparing our playlists in hopes of strengthening bonds and belongingness with our closest friends and family?

• • •

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