December 6, 2022Marketing

#44: Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Too caught up in the game of going viral on socials?

Just a friendly reminder: don't forget email marketing.

"Here’s what you have to keep in mind: 55% of people might not regularly open and read their emails, but conversely, that means 45% do.

And that’s a pretty good percentage of the general population. Especially when you compare it to other online communication platforms. Less than 40% of Americans use Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Twitter at all.

Meaning that more than 60% of Americans don’t even have social accounts on those platforms. And you’d be crazy to claim that any of those platforms are “dead”.

Compare the overall usage for those platforms to the 75% of Americans who at least have an email address and the truth becomes obvious: email marketing is alive and well. In fact, it’s far more alive and well than many online social platforms. The only two that are neck and neck with email marketing in terms of usage are YouTube (73% of Americans) and Facebook (68% of Americans).

And still, email marketing is better." — Email Mastery

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