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#49: On Choosing a Note-Taking Tool

After hearing about Sönke Ahrens' book How to Take Smart Notes, I got really interested in the personal knowledge management world.

Especially with tools for thought.

I briefly tried Obsidian, but my systems back then were too embedded in Notion* that I decided to try taking smart notes in Notion too. After all, it's already where I do most of my content creation work.

I set out to build a very complicated Zettelkasten page there. Yet after hours and hours of building it, I never even got to the point of using it every day to actually write smart notes.

And then I found out about Logseq, which is quite similar to Obsidian. It was very intuitive for me to use compared to Obsidian though.

So after getting my early access to Tana, I couldn't help but compare and look for Logseq's features in Tana.

Some of my favorite features of Logseq include:

  • Ability to capture notes offline through the Logseq iOs app. Without a steady wifi connection, Notion is impossible to access smoothly.
  • PDF annotation. It's very easy to upload a PDF file on Logseq and as you highlight excerpts, it automatically copies the text and creates a node for every highlight.
  • Graph view. As a visual learner, I love seeing how my notes are interconnected and how my graph grows through time with every new insight I take note of and information I gather.
  • Parsing powers. You can parse URLs and single tweets in just a few clicks!
  • Matter integration. If you're using Matter to take notes on newsletters and articles, there's a plugin that automatically feeds all your highlights from Matter and into Logseq.
  • Speaking of plugins. Logseq has a vibrant marketplace for themes and plugins to truly customize your workspace and set systems suited to your working style.

But if I love a lot of things about Logseq, why am I still checking out Tana?

Well, it's because of these features. But I will write about Tana once I truly get the hang of it!

P.S. Items marked with * are affiliate links. When you purchase products through those links, I may get a commission at NO EXTRA COST to you. Pinkie promise, I’ll only recommend stuff I actually use and love!

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