October 17, 2021

5 Modern Copywriters Who Can Liven Up Your Swipe Files

I don’t want to be Don Draper.

Because in the real world of copywriting, there are real legends who came before me that I’d rather put on a pedestal. Think Ogilvy, Schwartz, Hopkins, Halbert, Caples, Sugarman, I’d list more if you want.

Their schools of thought interest me, because it seems like they’ve defined the craft on their own terms, made impact (and lots of money), and enjoyed every minute of it.

But to think that the universe stopped gifting us with more greats is a sad thought.

And untrue.

Here are the modern copywriters that have been killing it in the digital age:

  1. Laura Belgray

She writes emails that you just can’t help but open. She’s quirky, smart, and super relatable. Kinda like a friend who gets you — but never annoys you. Maybe that’s why her sales pages are always exploding with ka-ching!

See what she’s up to

2. Cole Schafer

No B.S. content every. single. time. The way he tells stories and weaves it with insights blows my mind away. I can connect with his work, as if he wrote it just for me. Mindreader, this one.

Come by his space

3. Alex Cattoni

So generous and eager to share what she knows, I’ve found Alex helping copywriters navigate their way in the marketing world through her YouTube channel. She’s my go-to guide for when I need a refresher on the basics (which is always, if we’re being honest).

Binge her YT videos

4. Katy Prince

You gotta love her for promoting “squirm-free sales.” She helps people feel confident selling without sounding sneaky and sleazy. If you take a peek at my Swipe File — Emails folder, almost 50% of it is hers (and Laura’s).

Learn her unique take on sales

5. Anita Siek

She paints a colorful world for copywriters. I tried one of her free workshops once and I loved how she uses her expertise in psychology to teach creators how to produce human-centered design and content. I just listened to her podcast before publishing this atomic essay!

Her website is the coolest

How about you? Who are your modern copywriting heroes?

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