December 17, 2022WritingDigital Life

#55: Writing a Blog Post With ChatGPT (First Impressions)

Yesterday, I finished writing a blog post at work with the help of ChatGPT.

What's amazing is that a coherent blog outline I would usually overthink for hours took the AI a few seconds to generate! 🤯

On the other hand, I didn't bother taking it a step further and asking it to write the content itself because I've seen this post and was convinced that ChatGPT would spit out unflavored writing, lacking any sense of personality from the human author. Plus, Google considers AI-generated content as spam.

For now, my only use case for ChatGPT is prompt generation—rough ideas and outlines to help me skip the blank page and have a solid starting point.

It scoops up sand for me to use but I am still in charge of shaping the sandcastle. It gives me raw ingredients, but I'll be in charge of the cooking—and adding salt to taste. 😉

• • •

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