October 13, 2021

Break These 3 Myths About Credibility That Are Holding You Back From Living Out Your Purpose

You want to use your gifts to make an impact but…

You doubt yourself and wonder, “Who am I to talk about this anyway?”

There are plenty others who are more qualified, more credible. You play these thoughts on repeat in your head like a bad song and you can’t help but sing along.

But it’s time to get rid of this earworm and hum a new tune — so let’s do that by calling each myth out.

Myth #1 You need at least 10k followers before you can bring value to your audience.

There’s a reason why even the largest companies in the world try so hard to be chummy with their customers.

If you have a genuine desire to inspire and help others through your skills, you shouldn’t get obsessed by the size of your audience. Instead, focus on giving value, value, and then some more value.

Myth #2 You need a master’s degree to earn the trust of your customers.

Can you count how many high school and college dropouts became business tycoons and media moguls?

I can’t either. All the degrees in the world won’t do anyone any good if they lack good character.

Myth #3 You need to be at a certain age before your voice becomes valid.

Raise your hand if you ever disqualified yourself from an opportunity, not because you think you don’t have what it takes but because of your age.

Whether you’re 17, 22, 48, or 65, your voice and your story matters. It’s not too late nor too early to show up and serve the world with your gifts.

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