February 8, 2022

On good and bad ideas

Here’s a wild guess 👇🏼

You associate Edison with light bulbs. Or phonographs. Or the company General Electric.

If you type the keywords “Thomas Edison patents” on Google, most results will tell you how he obtained over 1,000 patents for his inventions!

But you’ll rarely read about 500 to 600 of his unsuccessful patents.

What am I getting at?

You and I will have good and great ideas — successes that others will more often highlight in our lives. But we will have bad and terrible ones too. And that is absolutely okay!

Because every bad song, uninteresting painting, or boring book paves the way for brilliant masterpieces.

The flawed firsts refine lasting legacies.

So it all boils down to this question:

Would you rather have 1000 successful and 500 unsuccessful pursuits or 0 rejection and 0 progress?

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