September 23, 2021

Start With What You Have

What is holding you back from doing that ONE thing that you know would change your life?

When I was in college, I wished that:

  • I had an iPhone, so I can shoot videos and share my journey on YouTube
  • I had a mic so I can record songs and podcast episodes
  • I had expensive pens and journals to inspire me to write daily

After graduation, I finally had all those. But did I keep my promise?

No. I only looked for more lack instead of working with what I have. I made excuses instead of making the most of what is already in my arsenal. But a mirrorless camera, or a Shure SM58, or a stack of Bullet Journals won’t get me closer to my goals.

What I need more than expensive equipment are patience, consistency, and resourcefulness.

So when I found the close-knit community of Ship 30 for 30 via’s Showcase of Ev Chapman’s website, I combed the Internet to know more about this cohort-based course. I found lots of great reviews, but I can’t afford to shell out hundreds of dollars right now.

Then I asked myself: Should I save up first and take the course before I try to write every day? Or is it possible to begin now — right where I am, with what I have?

Do I have to wait for a particular gadget or reach a specific budget? Or is the right mindset enough to make progress?

Whatever it is that you’re putting off, you’re never gonna be completely ready. But dive in anyway. Embrace the growth in the messy adventure you’re about to embark on.

Start where you are — with what you have.

Update: Dickie Bush, the co-founder of Ship 30 for 30, left a comment on my original post of “Start With What You Have” on Twitter saying he sent me a DM. And true enough, he did. And he offered me a free ticket to what was supposed to be a $350 program.

Last June, I’ve officially shipped 30 atomic essays for 30 days and learned a lot from the community. 🤯🙌🏼

The takeaway?

Start with what you have. The right resources and people will come into your life when you choose to show up as you are yet ready for more. ❤️

See how the journey went on Twitter. 🚢

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