September 26, 2021

The Secret Behind Blackpink’s ‘Overnight’ Success

Most of us don’t revel in anonymity.

Success is more often associated with the coveted limelight, not with the unseen monotony of daily practice. Unless we’re topping the charts, stamping our books with that “best-selling” seal, or landing high-profile speaking gigs, it can feel like what we’re doing doesn’t matter. We want people to care.

But the truth is, the way we live and practice our craft when no one is watching largely dictates our future success.

I just finished watching Netflix’s BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky. It’s a documentary of the first K-pop group to ever perform on Coachella. They also bagged six Guinness World Records and won more awards that I can list in an atomic essay. To say they’re phenomenal is an understatement.

Today they have raving fans worldwide and you’ll see their sparkly lives all over the internet.

However, it’s important to note that they’re not enjoying an overnight success. The members of Blackpink trained for years before their breakthrough. And we’re not just talking about a year or two.

We’re talking about 4–6 years’ worth of rigorous training.

And no, they didn’t have an inkling or assurance that after those years they’ll come out a big success. They were aware that many trainees in their industry don’t make it. Yet they gave their best anyway.

The secret to overnight success is in showing up even when no one’s expecting you. Especially then.

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