September 3, 2022

Why I’m Writing Online

How does one become a writer?

By publishing a book and being New York’s bestseller for a week, getting invited for a Ted Talk to share your revolutionary ideas, or by retreating to the woods, swigging whiskey and coming back to the city in a few years with a novel that could change your life?

It turns out, being a true writer doesn’t require any of those.

At Ship 30, I learned that you become a writer simply when you write. It’s about showing up every day, with the grit to grow and learn as you go. As James Clear writes in his breakthrough book Atomic Habits, “Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.”

So I’m challenging myself to write an atomic essay for 30 days again to establish the habit of writing — and be a true writer, not in title but in practice.

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