January 8, 2023Life

#78: Before You Get Over It

Before you get over a failed project or a relationship that ended, don't skip the first step to healing.


Before you jump back into your 5-step morning routine or start taking on huge projects to boost your self-esteem, be gentle and patient with yourself.

Cry and bawl your eyes out. Watch cheesy movies. Cry again. Eat your favorite snacks—and yep, have another cup of ice cream. Sleep when you're tired from the crying. And if you feel like crying when you wake up, no judgment here. Honor the beautiful and bitter memories, your hopes and disappointments in your venture.

And after all the cry-a-thon, you can slowly pick up the pieces. You'll feel more like yourself, little by little.

Minute by minute.

Day by day.

Until one day, you'll remember your rock bottom and genuinely thank it for helping you grow into a better, stronger person.

But for now, don't hurry. Go ahead and bring out another box of tissues.

• • •

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