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#5: For Whom Will You Write?

After figuring out why you want to write and how often you want to ship your work out to the world, the next question is "Who?"

For whom will you write?

So far, I've seen three options.

1. Write for a specific audience.

"Like water, writing comes alive at the extremes. Avoid brackish prose that tries to be everything to everybody, even though it means that most people will be indifferent to what you publish." — David Perell's Day 1 of "50 Days of Writing" email series

Do this if you're writing to achieve a purpose—like getting people to act, buy, or change their behavior.

2. Write for your younger self.

Answer the problems you've faced and had to solve in the past couple of years. Create content that your younger self needed back then.

This is for you if you don't feel credible enough to give pieces of advice to others (yet). After some time, you'll feel comfortable enough to define a specific target audience that you can really help with your content.

3. Write like no one's gonna read it.

"An approximation of honesty doesn’t make the cut at the paper of record. Write it like no one will ever read it." — Lines from the movie the Luckiest Girl Alive

If you're writing for self-expression, this is the way to go.

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